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Save your company from purchasing items by mistake

Are you unsure about what is best for your company? What type of software does your business need? What hardware to choose? If you ask us, you will always get an honest answer. We love to geek out with IT equipment and we are at the cutting edge of the software and hardware development. If you need help with implementing and using the systems, we will help you. It can save you from purchasing items by mistake and many hours of IT setup.

IT equipment matching your business

Zunox approach to IT equipment is always business first. We consider your IT equipment from a business perspective and look at what provides the most value for your particular business. Consequently, we will not necessarily recommend the latest version if it turns out that the costs exceed the business value.

All the software and hardware you need
You can buy all your everyday business IT products through Zunox and even get advice and lessons included in the purchase. We assist in complex issues related to your company’s infrastructure and license management and scalable solutions. We offer a wide selection of products in collaboration with a number of leading manufacturers of IT equipment.


Servers, PC, Laptops and Tablets, Monitors, Printers and supplies, Network equipment, Mobile phones and headsets, Televisions.


We offer software products from reputable suppliers
We (often) advise on complicated guidelines set by software vendors re licenses
We are certified by Microsoft, Adobe and others